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3.1. FAQ for the app

Is ViewRanger activated?

The Activate menu item remains in ViewRanger's menu even when ViewRanger has been activated. This is because it is needed to activate map tokens.
To confirm that ViewRanger is activated, first exit using Options > Exit or the Back Key (hiding with the Home key is not enough), then start ViewRanger again. When ViewRanger starts it will tell you if it is not activated and give you a count down of the time you have remaining. It will also tell you if any maps are not activated.
Additionally, you can go to Options > About or Home menu > help > About - if it is not activated the time remaining will be shown. To see the status of maps go to Options > Organizer > Maps or Home menu > Organizer, then into the Maps list. Any map that is not licensed will state this in the line after its name.

Sharing routes, tracks and POIs bewteen devices

You can share routes and tracks with your computer via our my.viewranger.com web site. Routes can also be shared on two separate devices using this method. Tracks cannot be shared between devices at this time.
Separately, routes, tracks and POIs can be imported into ViewRanger and exported from ViewRanger using GPX files. GPX is a standard format for exchanging GPS data. For example, you can export a track you have recorded and import it into Google Earth to see your trip in 3d. Please see Overview of GPX for more information about GPX.

Sharing maps

It isn't possible to view ViewRanger maps in other applications, nor to view other application's maps in ViewRanger.  You can view most maps at my.viewranger.com

Can I add new maps and will they be seamless

Yes, you can add maps at any time. ViewRanger displays adjoining maps of the same scale seamlessly - if they adjoin, you won't be able to see the join. You can pan from one to the other.
If maps are of different scales then as you zoom in and out ViewRanger will display the map of the most appropriate scale.

Changing memory card

You can move the maps to a new memory card.  The license is not held to the memory card.  Use 'Account sign in', in-app, to license your maps.


If you get stuck installing the software or maps, then try the Guide to installation.
You are very welcome to contact us for help, but please let us know how far you have got and how your phone / memory card are connected to your computer.

How do I install maps?

Copy the .VRC and .VRH files into the ViewRanger folder on the memory card or internal disk and restart ViewRanger. You may need to activate them or enter a license key to see them, but will be warned if this is the case. To see a list of maps go to Options > Organizer > Maps or Home menu > Organizer, then into the Maps group. To view a specific map, select it and choose View.
See Guide to installation.

The phone/computer does not recognise .VRC map files

This is correct, the map files - which have extensions .VRC, .VRH, .VRM and .VRG - can only be opened by ViewRanger. As long as the files are in the ViewRanger folder they will be found and displayed when you start ViewRanger. Don't try to open the files with a file browser.

I don't have a memory card, where can I put the maps?

ViewRanger's maps are normally stored on the phone's memory card or internal disk. if your phone has both then the maps can be put on either (or both).
If you do not have a memory card or disk then ViewRanger's files can be stored in a ViewRanger folder on the phone's main memory.

Can I put maps into folders?

Yes. All ViewRanger's files are stored in a folder named ViewRanger at the top-most level of the memory card or internal disk, that is E:\ViewRanger\ or F:\ViewRanger To install maps you simply copy the map files, or folder containing the files, to the ViewRanger folder.
When ViewRanger is started it searches the ViewRanger folder and all its sub-folders recursively to find map files. So any of these files would be found: E:\ViewRanger\Lakes.VRC E:\ViewRanger\LakeDistrict\Lakes.VRC E:\ViewRanger\Maps\2007\NP\lake district\Lakes.VRC
You can delete the maps at any time (as long as you have a master copy somewhere else). Maps can be installed on more than one memory card.

Cased and Mounts

See our accessories page.

Battery and power

See our battery and power page.

ViewRanger and facebook and twitter

ViewRanger has integrated with the Facebook and twitter platform via the my.viewranger.com web site.

Does ViewRanger require an Internet connection?

Basically, no but read more here.

No Altitude data

See our altitude files download page.

How do I activate USA and Canada Unlimited online maps?

Android users - see this page.
iOS users - see this page.

ViewRanger on BlackBerry

Read this page.

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